AI Animated Video
All you need to do is just to write what you want and Anibot will animate it

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Writing to Visual

AI Animation

Anibot takes your script, processes it, reading & detects the information provided by the script. Then will build your animated video according to the script in the best way it could present your story.

Video Delivery

Fast is a Must

With Anibot, making animated videos are as easy as 1, 2, 3. But note that Anibot is still a baby, and needs learning scripts to be an expert. This means that your video’s approximate delivery is 2 days per script.

Video Style

Easy and Simple

The world much brighter when thinking simple. Your animated video will be ready in simple 2D style. We are guaranteed to make a great simple video that the audience will easily understand.


Trust Anibot

Anibot is part of a talented studio called ‘Anmetz’. You are more than welcome to check out our artwork and see our experience with animated things.

Need Script

Don't Have a Script?

So you need an animated video but you don’t have a script? No worries, we are here to create the script for you. Anibot has talented scriptwriters who are ready to help you. Click the button below and let’s make a script quickly.

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Up to 45sec

Flat Style





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The Video Style

Need an Expert?

If you wanna make an advanced video with more crazy staff than what Anibot can provide. We are offering the Anmetz Expert Team, which can take your vision and make a perfect video for you. Anmetz is making animated videos in a variety of styles, lengths, and technics. Just click the button below and tell us what you need.

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